Why You Need a Holistic Content Strategy

Marketing / 31 Dec 2021

Why you need a holistic content strategy

We all want our agencies to be well-oiled content marketing machines. Yet prioritising our own content strategy above that of our clients can be a struggle, especially as we grow. With more clients comes more work and even less time to prioritise your SEO copywriting and content creation. It’s an endless chicken and egg scenario.

It’s a fact that when you’re competing against the big boys in your industry, a sporadic, slapdash approach to your digital marketing efforts simply won’t cut it. You need a systematic, comprehensive strategy that packs a consistent punch.

Read on for our best advice on how to ensure your content strategy is consistently cracking and continues to deliver results.

A Holistic Content Strategy?

Holistic literally means ‘the whole’. Holistic medicine seeks to treat a whole person’s mind and body, not only their injury or disease. Like the reputable mechanic who runs an engine diagnostic before repairing the surface-level problem. Rather than the first aider who applies a sticking plaster to a gaping wound.

We’ll stop with the metaphors. You see where this is headed.

A holistic content strategy looks at a business’s digital marketing, improves its efficiency and maximises its performance.

Start With a Content Audit

A great place to begin is with a fact-finding content audit. It’s an opportunity to review and analyse your whole online presence, exploring and answering questions like:

  •     Are we attracting the right people (refer to your ideal client avatar)?
  •     Does our key messaging resonate? Is it consistent across platforms?
  •     Are we optimising everything that we create?
  •     Are prospects converting into clients? If not, why not?
  •     Are we answering the right questions?
  •     Are there gaps in our catalogue we could fill?
  •     Are we publicising our long-form content?

Armed with information, you can create a content strategy that pulls the previously separate elements of social media and SEO together into a high performing whole.

The Whole Picture: Social Media Meets SEO

Many businesses believe that SEO and social media marketing are two different things. In truth, they’re two sides of the same proverbial coin.

Successful digital marketing comes down to knowing your audience inside out and upside down. You achieve this level of understanding through market research. And you demonstrate it through your content.

A high performing content strategy ensures that the right people see the right content in the right places and at the right time. Social media and SEO work together to achieve this and send strangers who become prospects and later clients to your website. They do this in different ways but pursue the same goal: conversion.

SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of organic website traffic to a website. It involves optimising web pages to ensure top performance and excellent user experience. A crucial component is demonstrating expertise, authority, and trust with your content by speaking to your ideal client’s pain points and burning questions. The more top quality, popular content you produce, the more traffic search engines send to your website – thus boosting your search engine rankings.

Social media allows you to create a direct referral to your chosen content via a backlink. Backlinks from social media to your website improve your site’s domain authority (a factor that influences your SEO ranking over time).

Effectively, social media backlinks increase your content’s popularity in the short term by sending a steady stream of website traffic, while your SEO momentum for your chosen keywords builds.

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