What is Social Selling?

Social Selling / 19 Oct 2021

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Social selling is a relatively new rapport-building technique used by sales teams. It’s about laser targeting specific prospects and building a meaningful, prosperous connection that grows over time, leading to more sales and brand loyalty.

These days, B2B and B2C customers expect to interact with companies on social media. It’s a key component of their brand research. Salesforce reports that 51% of Baby Boomers, 69% of Generation X, and 86% of Millennials and Generation Z have interacted with a company via social media before purchasing. 

Engaging in meaningful conversation through expert social selling is the next logical step. 

If your agency isn’t a) doing it themselves and b) offering social selling as a service to your clients, you’re missing an extremely lucrative trick.

What Social Selling Isn’t.

You’re minding your own business scrolling on LinkedIn, reading content from your favourite creators, when – ping – you receive a connection request from John Smith. You check his profile and notice that you have several mutual connections. So, you accept his request.

Less than 3 seconds pass when PING. Hi, Thanks for connecting. Please buy my stuff.

This, my friends, is not social selling. It’s spamming. It screams of desperation and that’s not a good look for any business.

Social Selling Requires Trust.

All meaningful relationships are based on trust and credibility. John Smith loses all his in an instant by launching into an immediate sales pitch without even attempting to get to know anything about you first. 

When John began his pitch, he broke a fundamental marketing rule.

Always give value before you ask for it.

You do this by creating your content and engaging with other people’s in a practical, helpful, and insightful way. Unsolicited sales messages are sure to stop meaningful social selling activities in their tracks.

Social Selling is About Relationships and Genuine Connections.

Sales have always been about relationships. Social selling starts purposeful conversations with your networks about their problems and solutions – minus the hard sell. 

Your end goal is ensuring that yours is the first name they think of when they’re ready to buy.

To do that, you need to research, identify, and understand your ideal client, and ensure your content resonates with them in a way that sets you apart from your competitors. Consistent, quality content plays a crucial role in social selling because it paves the way for those meaningful conversations. It’s an ice-breaker and it shows you understand your prospect’s pain). It’s also an invitation to make contact, and it keeps you present in a prospect’s memory.

Our Top Tips for Successful Social Selling

Don’t be like John.

Always resist the temptation to pitch prospects cold. 

Remember, social selling is about opening the door to genuine long term connections, not closing a short term sale. 

Focus your attention on your ideal clients and learn all you can about your prospects. Understand their problems, pains, and frustrations. Send them a warm, tailored message introducing yourself and what you do. At the outset, keep it light and sales-free, and talk about what matters to your prospect.

Add value wherever you can. Engage in some social listening to see what questions potential clients are asking. Share with them a resource they may find helpful or offer some insight into a recent discussion.

Stay in touch, and when they’re ready, they’ll come to you.

Social Selling is an Investment

Lucrative social selling is an investment that compounds over time. You can’t just wing it, like John, and expect a high ROI. Like all other marketing, you need a sound strategy based on solid research.

We’re here to help.

Our social selling squad undertake detailed research to hone in on your ideal clients, their personalities, preferences, and crucially their critical pain points. Armed with information, we create your killer content strategy, ensuring that you’re their go-to subject matter expert.

Once that groundwork is complete, our team begin prospecting, starting those all-important conversations by creating consistently high-quality content, crafting tailored connection requests and engaging, ongoing messages for every prospect on your radar.

Call us today. Let’s get social selling.