How to Create Happy, Long-Term Clients With Content Marketing

Copywriting / 09 Aug 2022

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A marketer’s job is never done. You’ve tirelessly charmed your prospects into becoming clients, but now you’ve got to keep them. Enter, content marketing.

Compelling content can help foster long-lasting client relationships. But let’s be honest, it takes graft. That’s where a copywriting service comes in handy. 

You need expert SEO content writing. You need a well-thought-out content strategy. And, of course, you need regular, engaging content. 

Content-wise, you’ll come across the usual suspects: blogs, emails, videos, webinars and the like. For client retention, these formats all have one thing in common: added value that engages and informs for free.  

Whichever format you pick, it should make your clients’ lives easier in one way or another.

With successful content marketing, your clients will see that you understand their needs, problems and preferences. You just get them, and that’s why they’ll stick with you. 

Need more convincing? Let’s get down to brass tacks. In this blog, we’ll teach you how to use content marketing for client retention.

Why you need content marketing for client retention

It’s five times more expensive to acquire a new client than to keep an existing one, and a current client is at least three times more likely to buy from you. 

So a focus on keeping your existing clients is a no-brainer. But why invest in content marketing to do this?

Simply put, because it works. Content marketing is one of the three most effective strategies for client retention.

The reason behind this: “People do not want a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”

These famous words, uttered by American economist and Harvard Business School professor Theodore Levitt, aren’t about DIY. Ol’ Theo was saying that your clients don’t really care about your product or service. They care about how you can solve their problem. 

Content marketing supports that goal. 

It can help your clients better use your product or service and provide insights and expertise that addresses what’s bothering them. 

This builds trust. 

Trust is the second most important factor in whether a client makes a purchase. But just because they’ve purchased from you before doesn’t mean they’ll do it again,  nor does it mean they outright trust you, or will even remember you. 

Trust takes time (and content marketing).

Now you know why it works, let’s take a look at how you can do it. 

If your plate is already full, don’t worry. An expert copywriting agencylike us – can take care of your content writing and strategy for you.

Types of content marketing for client retention

Content marketing offers a smorgasbord of choices to keep your clients happy. 


The humble blog is deceptively powerful. No fancy tech needed. Just words alone to inform and inspire your clients. 

Think how-tos, top tips and insider knowledge of the industry. This will give your clients a richer experience and encourage them to read more. 

Consider blog series and related content to keep your readers hooked. The more they read, the more you become their go-to source. Trust, tick. Authority, tick. 

Always include a clear call to action too. Just because you’re providing free added value doesn’t mean you should miss out on reminding your clients exactly how you can help. 

Remember, existing clients are 50% more likely to try a new product or service with you. So give them a gentle nudge.


Email is an oldie but a goldie. With a well-crafted email campaign and an enticing subject line that screams “click me”, you can keep your brand front of mind with clients. 

This takes practice to perfect, which is where professional copywriters can help. 

Don’t fall into the trap of only sharing your latest offers and product or service launches. These are important to encourage repeat purchases, but remember, a never-ending stream of promotional updates is a sure-fire trigger for clients to hit unsubscribe, so be sure you are committing to a valuable message that goes beyond just a sale.

Share your expert advice and helpful resources created by you or others. 


Over 40% of UK residents aged 16 and up listen to podcasts. Why? Because it’s easy. Listen on the commute. While doing the housework. Or working out.   

As a marketer, you can milk a podcast for all its worth. Video it. Transcribe it. Transform it into blogs. Create snippets of the juiciest bits for your social platforms. A single podcast can generate a whole catalogue of content.

Plus, you can easily showcase your brand personality with your chosen tone, topics and format. This helps your clients feel more connected to you and builds – you guessed it – trust.


Done well, whitepapers are the ultimate problem-solving guide, taking free added value to the next level. 

These lengthy, well-researched beasts ultimately persuade your reader of the value of your product or service. But because they offer so much more – evidence-based tips, insights and recommendations – they don’t come across as salesy. 

Videos and webinars

The power of video can’t be overstated. More and more businesses are using video marketing (it’s shot past 80% now).

Increasing website traffic, client engagement and sales – video can do it all. 

One of the reasons videos are so effective is that they’re easy for your clients to absorb. Words take time to process but your brain can process images in as little as 13 milliseconds. That makes videos perfect for FAQs, troubleshooting solutions and product demos. 

But that isn’t all. Videos and webinars give your brand a friendly face (or faces), creating familiarity and deeper engagement. Take your clients behind the scenes. Put your staff in the spotlight. Give your take on the latest industry news. 

Social media posts

Creating client loyalty means you need to do more than talk at clients. Social media allows you to talk with clients, interact and create a genuine sense of community. 

Post relevant, engaging content and see how it lands. Reply to comments thoughtfully and listen to your audience – what are folks saying about your posts? Let that guide your future content. 

Ready to get started?

When it comes to using content marketing for client retention, there are a few steps you need to take before you start creating content. Any copywriting agency worth their salt can take some or all of this off your plate: 

  • Identifying your audiences and the different types of clients who you want long-term relationships with. 
  • Creating a content strategy that addresses your goals. 
  • Putting together a comprehensive content calendar.
  • Making sure the content you want to create works well for your chosen channels.

Tick these boxes, and you’ll be ready to create content that delights and keeps your clients coming back for more. 

If that sounds like a lot to juggle, get in touch with us to discover how our specialist copywriting services can help you create happy clients for years to come.