Katie is our Head of Strategy while simultaneously wearing many other hats. She has an eclectic background of being born in Boston, Massachusetts, raised in Nashville, Tennessee, and planted roots in East London.

Storytelling has always been in her blood, and no more so did that storytelling manifest than during her undergraduate. Katie attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where she obtained two degrees, a BA in History and a BA in Women’s Studies.

Which she loves to joke about never using.

Education and Campus Life

During her time at university, Katie was a member of the Women’s Action Council, History Club, and Spectrum. She was the Communications Manager for the Young Democrats. She was the Assistant Director of The Vagina Monologues, three years in a row, which raised a total of $2700 for local women’s shelters. She worked for Feminist Campus registering nearly 1000 students to vote and lobbied against Amendment 1 in the state of TN. Her county was one of 6 counties with a majority vote no.

She did all this while waitressing and attending school full time.

Moving Abroad and Into Marketing

After university, Katie moved to Tihany, Hungary and then Zielona Gora, Poland, as an au pair. She then began teaching English, and then she picked up freelancing to fund her travels. She then entered back into history when she worked at the Polin Museum in Warsaw. However, during her time there she realised her passions truly laid in content writing and copywriting.

She left the museum, moved from Warsaw to Bristol, and continued freelancing for the next few years working in a range of industries such as hospitality, travel, insurance, health care, and retail. She’s dabbled in paid ads, social media management, and content creation. But her real passion is content and marketing strategy.

Get in touch

If Katie’s not checking her emails on her mobile, then she’s out exploring all of the United Kingdom and documenting it on Instagram. She’d love to have a good debate on why vanity metrics don’t matter and the importance of an Oxford comma.

T  0121 514 2168  /  E  katie@beesting-digital.com