Chess is a copywriter whose professional life is all about creative balance. 

50% of the time, Chess is a copy and content writer, and, the rest of the time, she’s a mixed media artist and aspiring author. She’s always battling an onslaught of new, creative ideas, and wishes she had time to do everything. 

With an English BA and a Creative Writing MA under her belt, Chess is an analytical thinker and efficient researcher who loves tackling challenging new subjects. After almost ten years of copywriting, this has resulted in an eclectic mix of specialist subjects: SaaS, data, travel, and the art market. 

Whatever the subject, Chess is good at taking the intimidation out of tough topics and shaping copy that speaks to your target audience.

When she isn’t writing for Beesting, Chess can be found buried under art materials in her studio while preparing for her next collection release, or daydreaming about the best-selling novel she still hasn’t written.