Beth Scott is a copywriter and content marketer who helps others translate complex subjects (and corporate-speak) into effortless, entertaining English.

As an ex-archaeologist, she knows how vital it is to keep the big picture in mind, even when you need to express it with data and numbers. Cultural context is an important part of her working process – which is how she can easily switch from corporate sustainability reports to writing about comedy hypnosis even before she’s had lunch.

Having written everything from help documentation to pizza maker manuals, insurance articles to Hollywood blockbuster production notes, Beth brings life and work experience together to craft compelling, high-converting copy across niches such as property, insurance, B2B, SaaS and more.

Right now, she lives in Scotland, where she enjoys true crime, knitting, horror movies, and – like every other copywriter – plugging away at that first novel. Chemically, she is more caffeine than human.