What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a ‘high-value something’ you offer to a prospect in exchange for their email address and their consent to receive future emails. Lead magnets take many forms, printables, quizzes, and guides, to name a few.

The best lead magnets address a super-specific problem faced by your ideal clients.

Using a pain, agitate, solve format, the ‘high-value something’ swoops in, solves the problem, takes the pain away, and saves the day.

Instant gratification, like soothing ointment on a painful bee sting.

Why should you care?

Because lead magnets work.

We’ve all downloaded that guide that promised to change our life in 5 simple steps and completed that quiz to learn what kind of person we are.

Lead magnets are the perfect tool for email list building and turning website visitors not yet ready to buy into paying customers over time.

Quality copywriting

Something people often forget is that lead magnets should both attract and repel. They’re super-specific for two reasons:

  1. They qualify your leads, ensuring quality over quantity.
  2. They position your prospects to purchase.

And that’s where quality copywriting comes in. Because when done right, landing page conversion rates are 24%.

Our dedicated team of expert copywriters are here to help position you as a trusted authority in your space. Whether you’re looking for copywriting to create your lead magnet and ensure it appeals to and engages the right people, the follow-up nurture sequence, or both.