One page

Landing page copywriting has one job – to take a prospect on a journey of discovery, convincing them to buy whatever it is you (or, in this case, your clients) are selling.

By design, a landing page is standalone. Its sole function is to receive visitors from paid ads, social media, and search engines and convert them in that instance.

It’s the total package.

Everything a potential client or customer could ever want, need or hope to make their purchase decision. Copywriting packed full of transformation statements, social proof, and scarcity in spades.

One purpose

A landing page’s sole purpose is to convince visitors to invest in that high-ticket item, purchase that product, or exchange their email address.

It’s because of this that they’re incredibly tricky to get right.

If the copywriting is too pushy, you’ll have a high bounce rate.
Not convincing enough, and no one will take the desired action.

The key to success is that your call to action feels manageable. To succeed, it needs to excite and inspire action – but not too much action.

It’s a delicate balance. If the action jars because it’s too far removed from the landing page copy, like missing a step on a staircase, then
prospects won’t take that all-important leap.

One promise

Landing page copywriting is like alchemy, equal parts art, magic, and science. Our expert team of alchemist copywriters are ready, waiting, and at your disposal to create compelling copy that captivates, convinces, and most importantly, converts.