Understanding the Buyer Journey: Creating Copy That Converts

SEO / 11 Mar 2022

Understanding the Buyer Journey How to create SEO Copywriting that Converts. SEO copywriting, SEO content writing, SEO copywriting service. Beesting Digital

You may splurge £200 on new shoes. But would you spontaneously spend thousands on a new website?  Not likely – it’s rare that anyone impulse buys high-value services. They are more likely to research, assess, and compare, before purchasing. 

This is where the buyer journey comes in. Learning this path will make a world of difference in understanding your ideal prospect’s evolution from a potential customer to a conversion

By understanding the buyer journey, you can learn how to create content for every stage through targeted SEO copywriting that will help lead a prospect to conversion.  

But first, let’s focus on the buyer journey to understand just how SEO content writing can compel conversion.

It’s called a journey for a reason

The buyer journey is the path a consumer takes prior to purchase – think of it like a roadmap whose final destination is your product or service. How can you ensure the consumer gets from point A to point B?

Generally, this path is defined by three distinct stages:

  1. The Awareness Stage – when the prospect becomes aware that they have a pain point.
  2. The Consideration Stage – when the prospect starts to consider and compare services that address this pain point.
  3. The Decision Stage – when the prospect ultimately decides on a service that meets their needs. 

A convoluted path

Simple, right? Not quite. Just like with any journey, the path to purchase can be full of diversion. 

Perhaps a prospect knows they need a new website. They don’t have a development team, so they’re looking for an agency to create one. 

But due to the plethora of agencies, they fail to pick just one and wind up stuck considering options, which further delays the decision to buy. 

So, how can we compel this prospect to give your agency a call?

Through SEO copywriting

Content is king

Whilst there may be roadblocks on the buyer journey, it is proven that people engage with quality SEO content writing.

In fact, 80% of consumers can perceive a relationship between themselves and an organisation when that company creates custom content.

Copywriting for the Awareness Stage

Show and tell without the hard sell

At the awareness stage, a prospect doesn’t really want a hard sell. They’re probably indifferent to your brand and just need a solution to their problem.

Explainer blogs are a fantastic way to show and tell without the hard sell. They provide objective information about a topic to increase the reader’s understanding. Just what someone who is looking for a solution wants.

Explainer blogs are also useful for the awareness stage, as you can really optimise this type of content for SEO. And optimised SEO content drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media. 

That said, optimising your content isn’t as simple as using keywords in your blog. 

If you don’t have an SEO content writing specialist who can dedicate the time to consistently tackle topics with finesse, you will want to consider an outsourced SEO copywriting service

Still, keywords are a good place to start. Use 1-2 long-tail keywords at prime positions throughout your blog, and a powerful meta description that provokes action. These simple tips will help to optimise your content in search engine rankings. 

It goes something like this: your prospect Googles ‘digital agencies’ and comes across your blog ‘3 types of digital agency–and how to pick the right one’

Then your prospect thinks, if this company knows so much about websites, why don’t I check out their services?

After browsing your website, they begin to consider your agency in detail et voila, you’ve moved your prospect that much closer to conversion.

Copywriting for the Consideration Stage

Showcase your services

At this stage, the prospect understands more about different websites and the types of agencies that can create them.

This is where the Projects and Services section of your website should really shine. The Products and Services page is not only a prime platform to showcase your prowess, it’s also key for the consideration stage, which is all about evaluating different solutions. 

By showcasing your work, your prospect will see your digital capabilities and easily determine whether they align with their needs. 

Frame your services with compelling copy that is optimised for both Google and the user. SEO content writing will again be the difference, so it’s wise to invest in an SEO copywriting service if you don’t have a dedicated specialist.

Sell through story

The About Us page of a website is another great place to compel your prospect. That’s because over 52% of first-time website users will visit a company’s About Us Page. 

As the prospect is now considering your company, they are more likely to be interested in your story. This is your chance to bring your brand to life, so they can see why it’s a perfect fit for their needs. 

Struggling to tell your own story? Sometimes it’s hard to analyse your achievements when you’re in the thick of them. This is why an SEO copywriting service can provide that spark to encapsulate your legacy with compelling content. 

Copywriting for the Decision Stage

Almost there – your prospect now understands your services in detail. They know what makes your agency great, they just need that final nudge. 

What type of content will make the prospect take the leap?

Testimonials are ideal for the decision stage, as they explicitly showcase your value. The final proof needed to demonstrate that investing in your agency is a no-brainer.

So show off your work – and present your client commendations as a lasting testament to your build. 

Targeted content writing can transform a client quote into a compelling case study. Your prospects may have varying levels of technical expertise, so demonstrate value in real terms. 

Frame your build’s bespoke features with benefits-oriented SEO copywriting that persuades both the tech-savvy and the tech-sceptic. 

Close every case study with a compelling call to action that makes your prospect do just that. 

And before you know it, your prospect is compelled to call on your services!

Consistency is key

When it comes to SEO copywriting, routine is key. Blogs work well when they’re consistent updates about topical issues, not one-off pieces. And testimonials are most effective when they are recent examples of excellence. The long and short of it is, sloppy copy doesn’t compel anyone. 

If you don’t have the time to craft quality SEO content writing that does justice to your brand, you may need to enlist an expert. Agencies just like us can take the weight off your shoulders so you can continue to put your client requirements first. 

Looking for more content tips to compel customers? Let’s have a chat about elevating your brand.