Is the Copy on Your Values Page Actually Important?

Copywriting / 12 Oct 2021

Is your values page website copy actually important?

The short answer? Absolutely, yes. The long and short of it is that you likely need the support of professional website copywriting services to articulate your values clearly.

Your personal and company values are your North Star. They inform your everyday business decisions – especially your marketing plan.

What people forget is that they’re also a resource to inform your client’s decisions.

People use a company’s values to gauge ‘fit’. Your values are an embodiment of your business personality. A prospect’s due diligence involves assessing whether you actively practice what you preach and if you’re the right person for the job. They want to know you better and decide if they know, like, and trust you.

Your Values Are Uniquely Your Own

Your business values are your opportunity to demonstrate what makes you different from your closest competitors.

In a crowded digital marketplace, they can be the tipping point between a sale and a setback.

When talking about your company’s values, the temptation is to be generic, using phrases like ‘we put the customer first’, which lacks imagination. The honest response from most people would be: doesn’t everybody?

To inform and construct a meaningful value proposition, ask yourself questions like:

  •     Why did you start your business?
  •     What was missing from your market before you came along?
  •     What single advantage does your business have over your competitors?
  •     What is it that you do best, and why?

Your values should underpin your approach, convey a sense of who you are as people, what you’re like to work with, and how you do what you do in a way that’s different from the rest.

This kind of messaging is complex and is often easier to talk about than produce. There’s a temptation when doing it yourself to include all the things, rather than concentrating your message for maximum memorability.

If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to consider website copywriting services. At the very least, sit down with a marketing strategist to ensure your messaging resonates with your ideal clients (in case you were wondering, we do that too).

Cohesive messaging that talks to the people you’re targeting makes life easier. It draws ideal clients to you like moths to a flame. It simultaneously repels unsuitable or undesirable prospects, who don’t ascribe to your ideals, in the other direction.

Your Values Hold You Accountable For What’s Important

Concise, well-communicated company values are a transparent, responsible, and honest way to do business. They demonstrate that you take what you do and the way you do it seriously.

A values web page lays your cards on the table for all to see and ensures that everyone around you is on the same page – whether they’re a client, supplier, or an employee. With that comes accountability for what’s important to you.

A word to the wise: never preach values you don’t demonstrate or, worse, contradict. It’ll turn a warm prospect ice-cold in an instant.

Are You Too Close to the Subject Matter?

Most of the time, being intimately connected to and knowledgeable about your business is a blessing. It means you’re driven, practice what you preach, and deliver extraordinary results for your clients.

Sadly, the same isn’t necessarily true when you’re website copywriting. Being so close to your business can hinder your ability to articulate compelling website copy, especially about the values you hold dear.

The best website copywriting requires distance and objectivity and is something only a professional can provide. For that reason alone, professional website copywriting services are always a sensible investment.

We’re all about compelling copywriting that cuts through the noise and withstands the tests of time. Our speciality is website copywriting that clients and search engines love.

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