How to Successfully Grow Your Email List With a Lead Magnet

Copywriting / 18 Aug 2021

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With so much online competition, it’s a real challenge to attract new customers with web copywriting alone.

You might have perfected your website and cultivated a social media presence, but that’s still no guarantee that you’ll actually convert visitors into paying customers.

Naturally, conversion rates vary per industry and depend on your ideal customer’s behaviour. However, the median conversion rate stands at just 4%.

With so few visitors converting, is there a way to increase both the quality and quantity of your leads? There certainly is – by using a lead magnet.

What is A Lead Magnet?

Get ready to flex your copywriting skills, as a lead magnet is a free piece of content whose purpose is to attract your ideal customers. They’ll receive this content in return for information such as their email address.

Whatever you choose to give away, the primary job of this content is to be informative and demonstrate your company’s worth. 

It should be tailored to your ideal leads and their particular obstacles. Aim to answer the question: what problem can I solve for my customers? 

A successful lead magnet will feature original copywriting and above all prove to potential customers that they will be rewarded for buying from your company and not competitors.

Why Should I Use a Lead Magnet?

One of the most important objectives for marketers is building an email list. 

Having a handy list of potential customers can save you money on marketing campaigns and ensure that you’re not completely relying on SEO or social media to build your customer base.

By spending just a bit of time on planning and copywriting, a lead magnet is a low-cost way to potentially gain a whole host of new customers.

Which Types of Content Are Considered Lead Magnets?

There are plenty of options to choose from for your lead magnet

Whatever it is, make sure you don’t fall for the trap of quantity over quality. A 2020 study of marketers found that shorter content works, whether you’re creating a PDF or a video. 

Keep your copywriting short yet impactful, and you’ll be well on your way to converting leads into customers.

Here are some examples of content that you could try.

1. PDF or eBook

Your PDF could be as short as one page or as long as an eBook – just make sure that you’re solving a problem for your customer.

2. Webinars

With a pre-recorded video webinar, you can effectively engage with your leads, introducing them to your company and your services at the same time as offering them high value.

3. Case studies

For agencies focused on B2B services, a case study is a great way of demonstrating your worth and giving customers unique value. 

4. Checklists

Not usually longer than one page, a checklist is an easy-to-create lead magnet that can offer an immense reward for your potential customers, helping you stand out. 

5. Templates

With a well-produced template, you’ll be cleverly instructing customers to start working on their project, for which they may need your company’s help.

In the end, a lead magnet is a low-effort, high-reward way to attract new leads. So get your copywriting skills at the ready, and create something memorable that your website visitors will be clamouring over.