How to Write Pain Driven Website Copy Even On Your About Us Page

Copywriting / 13 Sep 2021

How to Write Pain Driven Website Copy Even On Your About Us Page. Beesting Digital

So, a client asks you to put together a proposal for some optimised website copywriting, specifically their About Us page. Easy peasy.

Your next move is to write all about your client’s business, its rich history, vision, mission, and objectives, right? It’s a page about them, after all.

Don’t do it. It’s a trap businesses fall into time and time again, even experienced digital marketing agencies like yours.

The key to writing a good – no, a great – About Us page is making it all about the prospective client.

About Us Pages Shouldn’t Be About ‘Us’

According to HubSpot, a client’s About Us page is the second most important webpage on their website. It goes without saying that optimised website copywriting isn’t just enough.

But what should your client, or you on their behalf, be writing about?

In a word, pain. 

That’s why a person is perusing your website in the first place. Clients are people (shocker), and people love a shortcut, a hack, or a solution to make their lives simpler or more enjoyable. They’re searching for an answer to something that’s giving them significant grief, and they want a solution, fast.

It’s your job to convince them that of all the companies and solutions on the worldwide web, yours (or your client’s) is the best solution for the job. And to do that, you demonstrate that you see them, hear them, understand them, and most importantly, you’ve got them. It’s as simple as that.


About Us Pages Can Build a Bridge

Picture the scene. You’re an experienced digital marketing agency tasked with optimised website copywriting for a prestigious client. However, they’re in an industry you don’t know anything about. Obviously, you want the work. They’re a household name. To have them publicly on your books would be priceless publicity for your agency. On the flip side, you lack experience in their industry. If you don’t deliver, there’s potential for non-payment and significant reputational damage.


So, you head over to trusty Google and search for a ‘white label website copywriting service near me’. Lucky for you, Beesting Digital appears in all its SEO glory. Our About Us page offers you the solution of dreams: [insert our strapline here].

Give us the brief, our industry expert writers and editors do their thing. You slap your margin on top and take all the credit.


It’s not a pitch, it’s a universal alignment. Our white label website copywriting service is the bridge transporting you from significant pain to fuss-free gain. All you have to do is get in touch to start the ball rolling.


One last thing.

Exceptional About Us Pages Include a Call to Action

Prospects visit an About Us page at a crucial time in their customer journey. They’re on the cusp of becoming a customer, so never forget its prime website real-estate.

Always include a call to action. 

Make your process of working together that little bit easier. Give your prospect that last, gentle nudge to book that discovery call, start that trial, or, best of all, buy now.


Learn More About Us

If you’ve read our blog before, you’ll know we love a pun and couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to end our About Us blog post with a bit about us.

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