How to Write a Landing Page that Converts

Copywriting / 21 Apr 2022

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In search of the holy grail of copywriting services – clicks

As an agency head, marketing lead, or business owner, it’s easy to wear too many hats and be overwhelmed by the fine details. To see the wood from the trees, it may be time to strategically outsource; and one of the best ways to do this is by utilising a copywriting service. 

Simply put, good copy takes time. And even after hours of dotting the Is and crossing the Ts, it may not deliver what was expected. However, utilising a professional website copywriter who is well-versed in SEO copywriting can yield great results. They know their stuff and have the tools to create stellar content that excites, informs, and sells. 

And while you can use copywriting services in a number of ways, one of the best reasons to invest in one is for your landing page – aka the most important spot on your website for conversions.

The cold hard truth

Most companies would be concerned if half of their website visitors immediately left (bounced) and if only a handful actually clicked on some sort of call to action (converted). But the cold hard truth is that on average, across all industries, 50% of users bounce after viewing just one page and overall websites enjoy a lowly 2.3% conversion rate.

So, where did everyone go?

The reality is, website visitors are like children in a sweet shop. Surrounded by Flying Saucers, Cherry Lips and Cola Bottles of every shape, size, and description. Their online journey can go anywhere.

As marketers, owners, or agency leads, your role is to encourage visitors to continue their journey through the conversion funnel on your site, rather than abandon it in search of Flumps.

The answer: build a landing page

The key difference between a web page and a landing page is an action. Web pages are designed for exploration – the transfer of knowledge – and give visitors a thorough understanding of your business. Website copywriters are experts in translating information into clearly understandable website copy.

Landing pages are not created equally and the copywriting services employed have a very different set of skills. Landing pages are designed, tweaked, and honed for one reason only, to persuade the visitor to perform an action–a click, a call, a download, a purchase.

Because a landing page is focused on one thing – an action – its development can be narrowed down to four key factors:

  • Minimal distractions (keep it clean).
  • Audience targeted.
  • Single call to action (above the fold).
  • Simple messaging.

It’s said that less is more, but it’s bigger than that, less is M.A.S.S. (see what we did there?) and the one commonality in M.A.S.S. is the copy.

Which copywriting service should you use?

Good website copywriters have SEO in the back of their mind when they’re writing informative copy, however, landing page copy does require a specific set of skills, and an SEO content writing service could be well placed to assist with landing page copy. They’re already familiar with the keywords/content/offer being used to optimise your website to help climb search engine rankings, and put your site in front of prospective customers.

The next logical step is to use your SEO copywriting service or a dedicated landing page copywriting service to convert your prospects into actual paying customers.  To learn how to write a landing page that converts, let’s look más into M.A.S.S.:

Minimal distractions

If you’ve ever visited a recipe page, you will have experienced the mountain of extra links and pop-ups that accompany the ‘best cookie recipe ever’, and invariably force you to abandon the page in favour of the corner shop.

A landing page is the total opposite and needs to be clean, simple and focused on persuading your audience to click. In fact, depending upon the scale of your operation or that of your client, you may wish to develop a customised experience for each client type or audience

Audience targeted

Developing a landing page to specifically meet the needs, wants and desires of your target audience can significantly reduce the potential to bounce and improve your conversion rate. From the original advertising or SEO activity, your SEO content writing service (or a dedicated landing page copywriting service) can mimic the messaging in headings, subheadings, and CTA copy to encourage visitors to continue their journey–through the funnel–to the final click.

Single call to action

You’ve probably had the experience of browsing a menu when there are just too many choices. Possibly why parents only give their kids a choice of two options. With CTAs, the options are even fewer–just one. Front and centre, and above the fold.

Your SEO copywriter can analyse several areas to determine the best possible two or three-word phrases to drive the click, such as:

  • The most popular keywords used during the organic search process,
  • the words used that have generated the best advertising outcome, and
  • historic conversion data and the CTA copy that drove those conversions.

Simple messaging

While less is most definitely M.A.S.S., the work behind your landing page is anything but simple, and it will be the combined effort of your website copywriter, your SEO content writing service, and your ad professionals. Here are a few steps to take that will ensure your landing page sets you up for success. 

1. Clear statement

Keep your value statement clear, clean and concise. Use a font size that can be easily read on a mobile phone, keep it above the fold so visitors don’t need to scroll.

2. Make the headline work for you

Visitors have clicked through to your landing page because something piqued their interest in the original ad or search results. Using similar phrases in your headline can maintain that momentum.

3. Benefits over features

Keep the focus on the benefits to your target audience. If you’re selling a home security system then focus on 24/7 family protection, not on the number of sensors.

4. Conversion-centred layout

There is an element of design here–whitespace, colour, contrast, and directional cues. Plus, font, font size, character limits and persuasive language with appropriate keyword repetition can all support the effectiveness of your landing page.

5. Proof (don’t take our word for it)

We all know that word of mouth is the best possible advertising, including testimonials, ratings, reviews and accolades. In fact, 69% of shoppers in the UK seek out websites with reviews, and among millennials that number jumps to 73%.Unpaid testimonials, awards, and peer recognition all help to validate your offer and can influence a visitor to click.

M.A.S.S. is the momentum to move visitors through the conversion funnel. Are you looking to put a little weight behind your copy?

Let’s get clicking

Maybe you’re wearing too many hats or you’re drowning in data? Or maybe you just want to create an incredible landing page for your business or client. If so, we’d love to help. Get in touch to learn more about our different copywriting services.