Stats, Storytelling, and Social Proof: How to Create a Compelling Case Study

Copywriting / 30 Jun 2022

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Ah, the case study. The most divisive type of SEO content writing.

As a type of long-form content, case studies take time to create. 

But it’s worth dedicating the time to create one. Or utilising copywriting services to craft a stellar success story. 

Why? Because 30% of content marketers use case studies to entice new customers. This makes case studies the most frequently used content type, after videos, blogs, and infographics.

Our guide will provide teach you how to write a case study, plus provide you with best practices for creating case studies that convert.

First though, let’s look at why case studies are powerful content writing tools. 

What is a case study?

A case study tells the story of a real-life application of your product or service. The word ‘story’ is crucial. 

This type of SEO content writing is true storytelling. Case studies take the reader on a complete journey, from the initial customer challenge to the lasting customer benefits. 

How can case studies fuel conversion?

Demonstrating value with a real-life example

A case study is a real-life success story. It proves that your solution works and that your agency can be trusted. 

This is why case studies are a critical content writing tool for enticing new customers, especially those at the consideration stage of the buyer journey

Case studies build trust with prospective new customers by explicitly demonstrating value. 

What’s better than a real-life success story to demonstrate your value? Just imagine how compelling a key stat from your case study would be on your landing page to a prospective customer. 

Evoking empathy through storytelling 

When you watch a film, you’re likely to sympathise with the protagonist. You’ve followed this lead character on their journey, so you empathise with their quest. 

Case studies are another type of storytelling. And just like that epic fantasy saga you watched last week, it also takes the reader on a journey, from the customer challenge to the lasting solution. Though there are probably fewer dragons.

By focusing on the customer’s journey, your reader will relate. Your reader will empathise with your customer and envision how they too can benefit from your service. 

Standing out from your competitors

According to the Hubspot 2021 State of Marketing Report, only 30% of content marketers use case studies. In the 2020 report, this number was significantly lower, at just 13%. 

This proves that while there are still many cynics, case studies are becoming increasingly popular with content marketers.

In other words, there’s never been a better time to leverage this type of content writing. The market for everything is pretty much saturated – for instance, there are more than 25,000 UK marketing agencies out there – so an excellent case study is crucial for helping you to stand out.

Exploring the successes you’ve already ensured for existing clients is what will set you apart for the prospective.

Don’t have the time to craft a case study? A copywriting service may be the answer.

Case study best practices 

Stats and storytelling

A compelling case study is a fusion of stats and storytelling. 

Opt for a simple story structure so your reader can cohesively follow your customer’s journey:

  1. The Title – create a punchy headline that engages your reader
  2. Setting the Scene – write a brief summary of the project
  3. The Challenge – delve into the customer’s pain points 
  4. The Resolution – explain how your service alleviated your customer’s pain points
  5. The Moral of the Story – summarise the lasting results 
  6. The Ending – conclude with a compelling call to action

This structure will bring the customer’s journey to life and make the benefits prevalent. 

Psst, there’s a reason only 2% of SaaS agencies publish case studies without stats. Stats exemplify that the solution works. So, harness the magic of metrics with stats to amplify your SEO content writing

Don’t make it all about your business

A prospective customer will likely relate to the benefits if the story is told from another customer’s perspective. 

The first step is to understand your customer’s viewpoint. Ideally, you’ll want to conduct an interview to hear the customer’s story in their own words and have a testimonial quote for added social proof. If this is not possible, write customer-oriented wording.  

Struggling to emulate another perspective? This is where copywriting services can help. 

Every great copywriter can tackle different tones and perspectives. SEO copywriting services have the tools and the time to craft a compelling story from the customer’s viewpoint.  

Seeing is believing 

Don’t be constrained by rows of continuous prose. 

Use visual accent sections to highlight a customer testimonial. Include images throughout to act as proof of your solution’s value.

These visual elements will breathe life into your content writing. The story will resonate from the page, as the images provide proof to fuel conversion.

Create multi-format content

Long-form content takes more time to create, but it can be repurposed in so many different ways. 

Pull out a key stat for a social post. Or transform your text into a visual infographic.

A compelling testimonial from the case study will fuel conversion on your landing page or exemplify your services on social media.

Just one success story can yield a range of compelling SEO content writing opportunities

Struggling with storytelling?

Conducting interviews, gathering stats, and stringing it all together into a beautiful, legible story. It sounds like a lot, right?

There’s no denying that case studies take time to curate. But a skilled copywriting agency can manage this for you and transform one success story into a plethora of multi-channel content.

Need help penning your success stories? Let’s discuss the details. Get in touch to find out how our copywriting services can help.