Why You Might Have Poor Domain Authority

SEO / 30 Mar 2022

Why Giving Your Website an SEO Service Will Help Improve a Low Domain Authority. SEO Service. SEO Agency. SEO copywriting services.

Want people to think highly of your website? Your domain authority (DA) is essential for getting that positive status. And it’s all about getting the right scores. Score between 40-50 on your DA, and you’ll be considered average. Anything over 60 is excellent, and less than 40 needs a little bit of work. 

If you’re scoring under 40, you probably need a bit of help via an SEO service to get your website dominating those rankings and Google’s search processes.

How do I Improve a Poor Domain Authority?

1. Try an SEO Service and Content Makeover Through Copywriting Services

The strength of your DA depends on various factors. These include the number of (good) links there are, the quality of the content you’re publishing, and your site’s general rankings. If you’re trying to improve your DA, the key is in a content and SEO overhaul. You may not know this, but SEO isn’t just for Google rankings. 

If you’re not sure how to fully optimise your title tags, metadata, image alt tags and overall content, there are plenty of SEO services out there that can help with all that jazz, such as SEO copywriting services that can create and edit as much content as you can throw at them. Or you may want to hire an SEO agency that will help you figure out where your website is falling short of its competitors.

Ever read a dense and boring website that was hard to navigate? How long was it before you gave up? Keep your website refreshed with unique and interesting copy that’s 100% engaging. Sites with stale content that have been sitting there a while usually have lower DA scores. 

Keeping the attention of your visitors is how sales are made. They’ll get bored and click off if your site content isn’t interesting. If you feel like you’re not the greatest wordsmith, you could hire SEO copywriting services through a digital marketing and SEO agency that can create sparkling and engaging content for your site.

2. Have a website review to monitor backlinks

Every few months, do a review of your website to find any backlinks from websites that are actually doing more harm than good. Quality backlinks are vital for getting that DA score up. Plus, they’ll boost your search rankings. 

As a rule of thumb, any link connected to your website that is irrelevant is a bad backlink. This includes links to gambling, adult or inappropriate websites, links from unrelated sites or blogs (with duplicate content), or links to various dark-web services or goods. You want to keep your site away from that link to the dark side. 

If you have toxic backlinks on your site, Google triggers its spam filter, dropping your site down its rankings. You can use backlink checkers like SpyFu or Semrush, which will point out domain strengths of any sites linking to yours. This is fairly advanced stuff though, and if you’re unsure of what you’re doing, you may want to consult an SEO agency first to see if this is right for your marketing strategy.

3. Tackle poor UX or slow loading times

A beautiful and simple website with a user-friendly interface will be liked by visitors of all abilities. You want someone to easily find your site, find the service or product they need, and head to the checkout. Websites that are complex are visited by fewer people. If your DA score is low, review your layout and sitemap. Users aren’t patient, and won’t wait for a website that is super slow. 

Sluggish loading pages will affect your DA, so if you’re having performance issues, talk to a web developer about how you can speed things up. Many web developers and designers work at agencies offering a range of services. You’ll find that an SEO agency will typically have web technicians and experts who can help address problems with UX and functionality.

Let’s boost your domain authority

Want to improve your DA score with an SEO service, but need help? Maybe you want to boost your website’s rankings? Tackle SEO issues? Or resolve backlinks and UX problems? We can put your site on the right track with a detailed report. Give us a call and let’s have a chat about how we can use our digital marketing know-how to assist.