Five Engaging Copy Tips to Energise Your Audience

Copywriting / 27 Sep 2021

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People see between 4,000 to 10,000 ads online. Everyday. To stand out in an exceptionally noisy environment requires expert copywriting services


It’s not a profession for the faint of heart. 


We’ve all spent ages writing what we thought was cracking copy. And then we stepped away feeling chuffed at our copywriting prowess. Upon return, we’d reread it and recoil in horror. 


Or in an alternative scenario, we’d be feeling smug, show it to someone who offers copywriting services, having it returned covered in red pen, changed beyond all recognition, and most annoyingly, it reads much better for it.


Still, we can’t all be copywriters. 


The time it takes your team to write compelling copy would be better spent on specialist digital marketing strategy – that’s what your agency is famous for.


And we’re famous for white label copywriting. However, if you’re intent on writing copy yourself, for now at least, here are our five top tips to remember.

1. Copywriting: Less is More

Excellent copy has one job: to sell. It makes its point and stops. There’s no room for linguistic flourishes. It’s clear, simple, and to the point by design. 


Think of your copy as a window. All the attention should be on your product or service, not the words used to describe it. Copy that engages (and more importantly converts) is plain to generate better results. There’s nothing to distract from your product and the action you want your prospect to take.

2. Utilise Benefits and Features in your Copywriting

Utilising benefits in copywriting means selling the transformation your service delivers, helping your prospect visualise their lives improved by working with you. 


As the saying goes, ‘people don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole’. We’d go further. What they want is a perfectly positioned family photo to light up their living room.


Once someone has made an emotional decision to buy, they rationalise it using facts and features. Leverage this by adding helpful facts and valuable details about your services and client outcomes to your copy. 


Compelling copywriting is all about using a desire to achieve a specific result. Use relatable pain points and appealing solutions to work your way into a prospect’s subconscious and stay there. 

3. Talk to Your Readers

When writing your copy, talk to one person, address them using ‘you’. It’s more like dialogue, and that’s what copywriting is – a conversation.


Write short, simple sentences using everyday words. Large walls of text are a no-no (is there anything worse when reading on your phone?), and white space is your friend. Use it, and your copy will be more enjoyable to read and easier to skim.


Lastly, always read your copy aloud to see what it sounds like to a reader. If something sounds off, that’s how it reads to your prospect.

4. Use Your Clients’ Words and Voice For Extra Impact

Speaking to your audience using words they understand and resonate with is crucial for building that know, like, and trust factor. 


Your grandma and 17-year-old nephew have different interests. They’ll want reassurance about different things and ask questions in different ways.


A client’s words are especially helpful when overcoming objections. You know the questions you always get asked and common excuses why now isn’t a good time to buy. Address them directly in your copy, using the phrases your prospects use. Your next prospect will feel seen, heard, and understood – three crucial steps in building your credibility before securing a sale.

5. Energise Your Audience with a Simple Call to Action

Last but not least, don’t overstep your call to action. Make the journey as quick, easy, and straightforward as possible for a prospect to complete.


Good examples of calls to action range from ‘read more here,’ ‘book your discovery call,’ and ‘get in touch.’ There are different stages of the buyer journey, and each state needs a tailored call to action. 


Just don’t create additional roadblocks that you then need to overcome. Don’t overcomplicate things by making a discovery call so difficult to book that no one in their right mind would follow through. And don’t let them leave without taking any action at all. That’s just tragic.

Are You Looking for the Perfect Copywriting Partner?

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