Does Content Marketing Actually Boost Conversion Rate?

Copywriting / 15 Jul 2022

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You’ve invested time, money and resources into your marketing (not to mention a few late nights). You got a little happy when you spotted the spike in web traffic. But what you’re really hoping for is an impressive conversion rate. Content marketing is all about this. 

Using SEO content writing you can turn site visitors into paying customers, email subscribers, or whichever metric you use to measure results.  

But when it comes to content and conversion, what are the numbers to back up your investment in content marketing as a key part of your long-term marketing plan?

How Effective is Content Marketing?

In short, very. 

Content marketing brings a heap of benefits to your company, from improving brand credibility to attracting traffic to your site. 

In fact, 72% of the most successful marketers say that content marketing generates leads, with 57% claiming that content marketing has directly increased sales. 

And this isn’t just about B2C marketing. 

Marketers chomping at the bit to boost their B2B content marketing conversion rates are putting their money where their mouths are. 

Almost three-quarters of B2B marketers are upping their marketing budgets, with 58% of them focusing on increasing their spend on content marketing. 

So, if your goal is increasing conversion rates, content marketing should be your go-to method. 

But why is content marketing so effective? It all comes down to engaging your audience. 

If your target customer is searching for your product or service, chances are that tons of other companies are offering the same thing. 

Content marketing allows you to establish yourself as a market leader, boost your company’s credibility, and create trust between your company and the reader – all through the power of words.

How can I improve my content marketing conversion rates?

So, you’ve established that content marketing is something you want to use for your business (who doesn’t like increased visibility, conversions, and profits, right?). 

The next step is figuring out how to do it. We’ve assembled our top tips for increasing your content marketing conversion rates below, so you can construct a content marketing strategy that genuinely delivers results. 

If you don’t have the time or internal resources to dedicate to content marketing, try a content strategy agency for effective results without lifting a finger. 

Establish Your Metrics

Before you work on improving your content marketing conversion rates, you need to establish what conversion means for your business. A conversion rate simply refers to the number of users or site visitors that perform a desired action. 

That desired action is typically buying your product or service, but you may prefer to measure results by how many visitors sign up for your mailing list, fill in a contact form, or ask for a quote. 

Before you can begin to measure how effective your content marketing strategy is, you first need to establish what exactly your strategy is trying to achieve. 

Use SEO 

Content marketing is all well and good if your target audience sees it. Imagine spending hours poring over blog posts, social media strategy, and video content, only for your site to receive the same number of visitors as before. 

The solution? SEO. SEO involves maximising your site’s content for Google’s algorithm, so when users search for the product or service you offer, your site will be bumped up the ranking. 

There are tips and tricks you can use to improve your site’s search engine ranking, such as using clear headings and incorporating keywords into your content. If optimising content sounds too time-consuming, hire an SEO content writing agency to take it off your hands. 

Include a Clear Call to Action

Whichever metric you’re using to measure conversion, don’t forget to lead the reader towards the desired action. It’s easy to write an entire piece encouraging readers to sign up for your mailing list but forget to include a link to subscribe at the bottom. 

When it comes to calls to action, if a blog post is particularly lengthy, consider placing several calls to action throughout the piece. Just make sure not to include so many that it appears spammy. 

Don’t risk putting your call to action too far down the page, or you’ll miss out on converting visitors that don’t read the entire piece. 

A/B Test Your Content

The only thing worse than having a content marketing strategy that’s failing? Using the same strategy again and again but expecting different results. 

If you have a couple of content marketing ideas but don’t know which one works best, put it to the test. Try different emails, headlines, calls to action, and layouts to see which option converts best. 

You can use A/B testing to inform your future content marketing strategy by taking the most successful techniques and incorporating them into your content. 

Fulfil Audience Expectations

We’ve all seen them. The online recipes that begin with an entire life story before getting to the ingredient section (I just want to know how to make hummus – spare me the details of your 5th birthday). 

If your landing page doesn’t deliver the content your audience expects from your title and search engine description, they’ll switch off immediately. 

Make sure any questions you ask in the title of your text are answered relatively quickly, while also ensuring the rest of the text is compelling enough to make your audience read on. 

Include Social Proof

When’s the last time you invested a significant amount of money in a product or service without reading a single review? These days, consumers rely on reviews, testimonials, and social media proof before purchasing an item or service. 

Consumers read an average of 10 reviews of a product before buying it, so including social proof in your content marketing is crucial.

Get moving on your content and conversion goals

Creating a content marketing strategy can yield huge benefits for your business, from increased visibility to higher profits. 

But when you’re juggling 101 other marketing campaigns, creating and implementing a content marketing strategy can slip down your priority list. 

And that’s when your content marketing conversion rates will plummet. Thankfully, a website  content writing service can take your content marketing to-dos off your list.

Here at Beesting, we’re mad about content and conversion. Our SEO content writing and website content writing services will set you apart from your competitors so you can hit your conversion goals. 

So let’s get started. Book your discovery call today