Why Cybersecurity Content Marketing Is Becoming So Crucial

Copywriting / 21 Dec 2022

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Your market is constantly evolving. Your services are complicated. And your leads can’t tell the difference between you and those other vendors with near-identical messaging on cybersecurity. So, what are you meant to do? 

You’ve probably guessed from the title of this blog, but the answer is cybersecurity content marketing. You know the stuff, specialist SEO content writing following a powerful content strategy tailored to your ideal clients

This is how you can get your voice heard above the noise, grow your brand awareness, convert more leads, create more loyal clients and generally knock it out of the park. But why is it more important now than ever before? 

In short, because of demand. So let’s take a closer look at that. 

Why you need cybersecurity content marketing

1) Because there are growing opportunities up for grabs (if you know how to grab them)

There was a time when your leads could convince themselves that cyberattacks were terrible things that happened to other businesses. They were too small or too big to be a real target. Those days are over and your leads know it. 

Over half of IT teams have seen end-point attacks on their employees’ computers and mobiles. Over half of manufacturers have seen their Cloud infrastructure attacked. And the energy sector is even worse off as the UK’s most targeted industry for cyberattacks (manufacturing comes in second).

As for the education sector, they’re being hammered too. 41% of primary schools, 70% of secondary schools and a staggering 92% of higher education colleges have been affected by cyberattacks or breaches. 

Plus, let’s not forget the rise in remote working.

Almost a quarter of all UK working adults are now hybrid workers, splitting their time between working from home and the office. Great for them but a major worry for their IT teams of whom three-quarters see remote workers as a bigger security threat than office workers.  

More and more businesses, of all sizes, are getting wise to the threat of cyberattacks. And with that growing threat, comes growing demand for solutions. It’s why the UK cybersecurity sector continues to see revenues grow

But just because your leads understand the seriousness of the threat doesn’t mean they fully understand it. And therein lies their problem. 

Your leads are clamouring for effective cybersecurity but don’t know who to trust because getting their heads around the ever-evolving threats is hard enough. 

Should they still be concerned about password attacks or is it all about phishing now? Do they need to worry about ransomware if they’re an SME at the smaller end of that scale? Should they be investing in privileged access management or is that going to significantly slow down their employees’ productivity?

You can help. You can provide the answers with content marketing for cybersecurity

Needless to say, when you’re the one providing clarity to a target audience gripped by anxiety over a growing threat they don’t entirely understand, you become their top pick. 

2) Because your leads want vendors to educate them

This may sound patronising but it really isn’t. 

As you well know, cyber threats evolve so quickly, it’s hard enough for professionals in cybersecurity to keep up, let alone IT decision-makers juggling day-to-day business operations. 

It, therefore, isn’t surprising that almost three-quarters of IT decision-makers prefer vendors who educate them at each stage of the buyer journey. 

But content marketing for cybersecurity isn’t just a ‘nice to have’. It’s a must have. Why? 

Because around three-quarters of IT decision-makers will also mark you down if you don’t provide educational content when they’re researching their options. 

They really want it. So much so that most of them (91%) are willing to hand over their details for the promise of helpful content. 

3) Because your competitors aren’t making the most of content marketing for cybersecurity (yet)

Most IT decision-makers (91%) can’t find high-quality content on the stuff they want to know about to make those all-important purchasing decisions. What do they think of the content they can find?

That it’s got too much hype, too many buzzwords and not enough detail (a damning review by any account). 

Almost all (96%) IT decision-makers want content that is tailored to their needs, with industry-specific content being their top priority

But how is the cybersecurity sector at large doing at providing that industry-specific content? Badly. 

An analysis of over 2000 pieces of cybersecurity content revealed that only a smidge over 1% of the content was targeted to the industries most vulnerable to cyberattacks. 

This leaves the field wide open for you to step in and show leads in the industries you’re targeting that you really get their particular pain points. 

Showcasing that understanding makes it a lot easier for leads to believe that your solution really would be the best fit for their organisation. 

How to use content marketing for cybersecurity to please your leads

Now you know why cybersecurity for content marketing can be such a game changer for your business, how can you actually put it to work for you?

If you’re already thinking that you don’t have the time for this, get a copywriting agency with cybersecurity expertise (hello, that’s us) to take care of it for you. 

Here are three examples of cybersecurity content marketing that can help you connect with and convert your leads: 

1) Latest tech blogs

When it comes to content that IT decision-makers want when they’re on their buyer journey, product reviews and demos still come out on top. But what’s a close third? Technology news. 

You’ve already got your finger on the pulse, so share your thoughts on the latest innovations in cybersecurity. This is prime educational content to help your leads get a feel for what solutions are out there, as well as to help identify their business needs. 

Make sure you highlight the specific pain points any new technology can resolve, as well as its business value and what level of expertise is needed to successfully implement the tech. 

2) Analyst research and surveys

Google loves original content (it’s a big part of its 2022 helpful content algorithm update). But Google loves it because your leads love it. 

Analyst research sits in the top five types of content IT decision-makers want when they’re on the look out for a tech solution.

Have you got anonymised, quantifiable data from your security products that you can use to create reports on the current top security threats? Can you get your security analysts to provide their insights and then package this all up into a handy downloadable report or webinar? 

This is a great way to show off your expertise (which builds authority) while providing your leads with accessible, genuinely helpful content (which builds trust). 

3) Whitepapers that facilitate the buyer journey

With so many vendors to choose from and countless cyberthreats coming their way, it’s easy for your leads to become frozen with indecision. 

You can get them moving again by reducing friction along the buyer journey through in-depth guides or whitepapers on a range of topics. 

For example, a whitepaper on how to outsource cybersecurity. 

You can advise them on how to identify their security posture, what skills and services a managed services provider can offer them, and a checklist of what to factor into their IT security budget.

Likewise, guides on the latest cybersecurity threats, and how to detect, guard against and resolve them are also helpful. This is especially true for businesses who are only now realising their vulnerabilities, whether that’s due to a recent attack or growth of their organisation. 

Empowering your leads with knowledge hands them back some semblance of control in the chaotic world of cybercrime, which is a great foundation to build a long-lasting client relationship. 

Get cracking on your cybersecurity content marketing 

If you’re ready to tap into the power of content marketing for cybersecurity, let our specialist SEO content writers handle it all for you. Book your discovery call today

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