Why Storytelling Is Key To Your Content Strategy

Copywriting / 29 Apr 2022

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There’s a reason that the storytelling tradition has survived for millenia, and that’s because stories draw people in. Whether you’re talking about a New York Times bestseller or a piece of content writing on your company’s blog, storytelling is a way to entice people to discover something new, something they won’t stop thinking about afterwards. 

With this in mind, storytelling should be a key part of your company’s content strategy. If you’re not telling a story in your SEO content writing, there’s a good chance that you’re not understanding your customer and their pain points adequately enough. 

By combining content marketing and storytelling, and weaving stories throughout your content, you can better communicate your value and encourage conversion. 

While some good storytelling habits can be taught, you might consider enlisting a copywriting service to help you create successful, story-driven content. But first, let’s find out why storytelling is so valuable. 

Why Tell A Story?

Storytelling probably isn’t the first thing on your mind when you think about your company’s blog or SEO strategy. 

Above all, you want to convert. Is there any need to take a creative writing course for that? 

But there is value in storytelling, and it’s something that your SEO copywriting service will know how to do right, even if you’ve just hired them to produce optimised blogs. 

Firstly, storytelling can make it easier to communicate exactly what your business does and why. Building a narrative around your company journey can help customers empathise with you, increasing your chances of converting. 

Secondly, stories inevitably connect with people in a way that abstract facts just don’t. 

It might feel good to tell prospective customers that your product or service has benefited 99% of users, but what does that actually mean? Building a narrative will make it easier for customers to understand how exactly your product will change their lives.  

Finally, a story is an easy way to establish loyalty. People connect with brands that are down-to-earth and intrinsically human; by establishing a narrative in every piece of SEO content writing you produce, you can better connect with your audience. 

You know your brand’s story better than anyone, but not everyone can craft a successful narrative. If you’re not a natural storyteller, a copywriting service can help to turn your brand identity into engaging stories through SEO content writing.  

Before You Start Your Story

Understanding your customer

Before you start crafting your narrative, it’s imperative that you fully understand your customer.

Storytelling is, first and foremost, about emotion. You’re not likely to re-read a book that didn’t make you feel anything, and you probably won’t give it five stars, either.

You want to make your readers feel – whether that feeling is awe, interest, inspiration, or even anger at a problem they want to solve.

But to do this, you have to understand them and their key pain points. Start by considering your current customers: what do they care about? Why do they use you and not a competitor?

After that, you can focus on delivering a similar messaging to prospective customers.

Creating a content strategy

Now that you know exactly who your customers are, you can create a content strategy that successfully speaks to them – and storytelling is part and parcel of that. 

As any copywriting service will tell you, a high performing content strategy should be cohesive and consistent. Every piece of content writing or social media copy you create should convey the same key messages, reducing customer confusion and reinforcing your brand identity. 

When you organise content around a narrative, with an easily replicable structure, you’ll undoubtedly achieve more consistency. 

Creating a content strategy is one of the most important aspects for any copywriting agency. If you’re struggling with it, a copywriting service can help with that.

Telling a Successful Story With Content Writing 

Decide your purpose

Stories can have different purposes, and you have to decide what you want yours to achieve. 

Do you want to inspire your readers to buy your product? Convey exactly what your brand is all about? Or educate them on a topic you care about?

A story without a purpose simply won’t be as effective. Your chosen purpose will affect how you tell your story and, consequently, how effective it is. 

Follow a structure

It’s Literature 101: every story has a beginning, middle, and end. As simple as it is, this structure can help when you’re thinking about how to write content that has a story. 

Plus, this structure works whether you’re writing a social media post or SEO content writing

To start with, your opening line has to be memorable. 

Think about Moby Dick’s three-word opening line, ‘Call me Ishmael.’ It’s written in an active voice, it speaks directly to the reader, and it’s a little bit mysterious. All this makes for an engaging story.

After you’ve created a memorable opening, you’ll turn to the core of your story, and what will occupy the middle: the conflict. Your chosen conflict doesn’t have to be as big as, for example, the Battle of Troy (though it did make for a good story) as long as it will inspire the reader. 

You’ll end, of course, with a grand finale. Where are your characters now? How have their lives changed? 

Your ending should resonate with your audience. Ultimately, if your story’s a good one, your customers will be thinking about it long after they’ve left your website or social media page. 

Establish a call to action 

Think of the call to action (CTA) as like an epilogue, if you will. The core narrative has ended, your audience knows what’s happened – but that’s not the end of the story.

To finish your tale, you’ll need to convert. Isn’t that what good copy is all about, anyway?

Your CTA will all be dependent on the purpose of your story. You might want people to share your insights with others, to spread the word about your business. Or, you might just want to direct people to your products, so they can be part of your story.

Whatever it is, make your CTA direct and clear. That way, your readers won’t miss it. Creative writing not your forte? Get in touch with us to find out how our specialist copywriting services can help you craft engaging content that hooks your audience.