How to Craft a Clearer Conversion Path

SEO / 19 Mar 2022

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The best websites have a clear objective. They’re not just there to inform, but to convert cold leads into hot prospects and eventually, new clients. With the help of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, you can entice new website visitors and usher them towards a particular goal. 

Whether the goal is booking a call, inputting their contact details into a pop-up, downloading a guide, or purchasing a product (or more than one of these things), it’s your website’s job to get them there. 

What is a website conversion path?

To answer this key question, we’re going to need a metaphor.

Like a gondolier in Venice who must guide his passengers around the maze of waterways to the attractions that he knows will appeal to them most, you have to anticipate the needs of your potential clients and use that information to get them to where they need to be (romance optional). Each attraction represents a different conversion, and each route is tailored to the interests of each passenger.

Your conversions could be anything from collecting email sign-ups to snagging long-term high-value business deals. The point is, you must know how to get your potential clients from A to B: with succinct information, persuasive language, and cleverly-placed buttons. 

But for a website conversion path to really get underway, you have to combine your knowledge of your business with a solid SEO background. 

A website copywriter sets up the signposts for your leads once they hit your website, guiding them towards the final goal with persuasive and informative copy. Take this one step further with SEO copywriting services, and your perfect punting – we’ll leave the gondola metaphor behind now, we promise – will draw in new leads from Google results.

How to build the perfect website conversion path

Whether you’re a business looking to collect more data from your website visitors or a marketing agency looking to up your SEO service game, understanding how to plot the right conversion path is key to turning curious website visitors into valuable clients. 

A website conversion path is made up of four key things:

  • A lead magnet or offer
  • A landing page
  • A call-to-action (CTA)
  • A “Thank You” confirmation

Together, these form the basis of a clear pathway that your leads can follow. But a landing page with no SEO won’t draw in organic website traffic; a CTA without clear focus won’t encourage clicks; and a confused sales pitch won’t result in conversions.

Combining these four elements with SEO services, however, will get you:

  • A regular influx of new, quality leads
  • Sharper marketing strategies
  • Google-friendly copy and CTAs
  • More free time for nurturing prospects

So, how is this done?

Choose a conversion path type

First, ask yourself: How am I going to grab people’s attention? 

It’s a tricky question to answer. To do so, you need to know who your conversion pathway will target and where they sit along the buyer’s journey. 

Then, decide where you’re likely to reach them: is it social media? Their inbox? Or are you aiming to draw in visitors from organic search? 

Clients already on your mailing list will be further along the buyer’s journey than those coming through organic search, so be sure to build that knowledge into your attention-grabber. 

This call-to-action must address the specific needs and concerns of the group. It might tempt them with an offer, or promise to solve a problem. 

Landing pages: Persuade them

Once your potential client has clicked on your headline, they’ll be taken to your landing page. Here, you must persuade them that the product you’re advertising is of value to them, even if it’s a freebie. 

For this page to rank on Google, you’ll need to be up-to-speed on your keyword research. Your copy needs to be rich in those terms that your audience is searching for. Professional SEO services can help with this.

Most importantly: keep it clear and simple. 

No excess information. No side-quests. Just get them to the CTA. SEO copywriting services ensure your web copy is concise.

CTAs: Signpost the next step

Once you’ve dangled the carrot and made them do the reading, provide a bold button with a clear call-to-action statement. It’s impossible to be too specific here. So, pick a few words that transparently capture what the button does, and reiterate what they’re going to get out of it. 

Remember, one CTA is preferable. With too many CTA options available on the page, the conversion pathway becomes unclear. 

Seal the deal: Give the people what they asked for

Whatever you promised them on your landing page – be it a scheduled call with an expert, a downloadable PDF, a free quote, etc – you must now give them. This is usually done on a separate page, opened in a new window, with a friendly ‘thank you’ message. 

Gratitude is great, but don’t forget you’re here to sell. So if all you’ve done so far is taken their email address and given them a free PDF, make sure you flag up a paid product they might be interested in. The occasional client can be fast-tracked through the buyer’s journey this way. For everyone that doesn’t click through, you now have their details, and you can begin marketing to them.

What not to do when creating a conversion path

  • Over-complicate your CTAs: one for every unique conversion path is enough.
  • Include too much information: focus only on the info that is strictly needed, anything else is a distraction.
  • Leave any potential clients high and dry: create a conversion pathway for multiple target groups.
  • Dismiss data protection: with GDPR and privacy laws, transparency has never been more important. If you’re asking for personal details, explain what they’ll be used for.

Convert with SEO services

Building a website conversion path that works like a dream can be simplified by hiring quality SEO copywriting services

A website copywriter well-versed in SEO can shape copy that will hit all of your client’s pain points, introduce them to the specific benefits of your business, and encourage them to take the next step. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your discovery call with Beesting to chat about SEO services – it’s plain sailing from here.