Killer copywriting services for the SaaS industry

Software-as-a-Service is currently one of the most electrifying and exciting industries in the UK. So you wouldn’t expect there to be a giant, looming, cavernous gap in the market. But there is.

It’s not the products – the SaaS market currently has an annual growth rate of 18% – it’s the content.

SaaS companies must achieve annual growth rates greater than 20% to survive

That’s a lot of pressure. After all, having a cracking product is one thing. Making sure people know about it is quite another.

You could pay for an ad campaign – you’ll get the eyeballs, and you’ll get the clicks. But you won’t necessarily get the conversions.

Plus, the price is high. And once the money dries up, so do the results. 

An SEO content strategy is more likely to generate long term results and costs less. But in the SaaS world, that has its own challenges.

23% of SaaS blogs receive fewer than 500 organic visits per month

Meanwhile, only 4% of SaaS blogs receive more than 100,000 visits from organic search each month.

That’s a lot of competition in the SERPs. Particularly when the highest performers have been around for donkey’s years and already inhabit the top spots on Google.

So, what makes SaaS so hard to climb? 

60% of SaaS blog content appears elsewhere online

For an innovative industry, there’s a hell of a lot of regurgitation out there when it comes to SaaS copywriting.

We get it. You’re busy perfecting your product and embarking on world domination. But the writers you hire aren’t doing that mission any justice if they’re simply rehashing the top-ranking content into slightly different words.

SaaS copywriting should be as creative and innovative as its product range. It should add to the conversation instead of simply repeating someone else’s ideas.

It requires a watertight content strategy, careful research to build your credibility, and of course, copy that contains a bit of pizazz.

No jargon, no problem

That brings us to another problem. One uncomfortable home truth for many techies is that SaaS copywriting can be very robotic. It’s often packed with jargon, focusing on features and technical specifications rather than transformations and benefits to the consumer.

What’s missing is that human touch. That injection of personality. Think Johnny 5 in Short Circuit after he got struck by that lightning bolt.

Our SaaS copywriters can turn the densest technical topics into content that sparkles. Whether it’s your blog, your website, a whitepaper or a series of social posts, we’ll create clear, concise, creative copy that engages, inspires, educates, and most importantly, converts.

SaaS copywriting for every stage of the funnel

Like many other B2B industries, SaaS conversions are often lengthy. Clients can take a long time to make up their minds and convert. 

That’s why a solid SaaS content strategy relies on carefully curated content for each stage of the buyer journey. Our copywriters can create everything from compelling blog posts that build brand awareness and capture the attention of potential prospects, to informative case studies which seal the deal – and everything in between. 

That includes lead magnets that create new, bottom-of-the-funnel relationships for you to nurture, as well as the email follow-ups that nudge them further up. Our team of dedicated account managers take care of this for you, carefully planning out a long term SEO content strategy that engages, entices and educates. 

Our copywriting agency offers a complete one-stop-shop for SaaS businesses. We take care of everything from keyword research and competitor analysis to content strategy, copywriting and reporting. Leaving you with enough time to focus on taking your product from strength to strength. 

Sound up your street? Book a discovery call today to learn more about our SaaS copywriting services.