Manufacturing copywriting services with flair and finesse 

The manufacturing industry has forever altered us, in the best possible way. Almost everything material – from daily essentials to the things we love most – can be attributed to the world of manufacturing.

As an industry, it’s one of the most innovative. It’s paved the way for life as we know it. It’s why, worldwide, the manufacturing sector was worth a blinding $86.7 billion in 2020.

But for a sector built on innovation, creativity, and modernisation, its copywriting sure can be dull.

What if we told you that your manufacturing copy could be filled with personality and flair? 

What if we went further and told you that, actually, this would only increase your conversions?

We can help you master your manufacturing copywriting. Keep on reading to learn more, or click here to get the ball rolling.

Purchasing at scale

Copywriting in the manufacturing industry is a big deal. You’re not trying to convince one person to buy one item. It’s about selling thousands, maybe millions of items at any given time.

Every aspect of your business revolves around great copy. Your website copy, your blog writing, your social media content. The lot.

Leading manufacturers know that when it comes to copywriting, you need the best of the best. Yet too many of them settle for the subpar or the average.

So, what exactly is going wrong with manufacturing copywriting?

Transformations, not technicalities

Lots of manufacturing content writing falls down because it appeals to the wrong audience. Too many manufacturing copywriters write with the wrong people in mind. They write for the engineers or the product developers who created the product.

Clever and wonderful as these people might be, they’re not the ones your copy needs to sway. They already believe in the product – that’s why they built it.

As such, the copy speaks their language. It focuses on features and specifications, not the benefits and transformations that sell. The copy is often dense, complex and technical, written in a language that those less technical don’t fully understand.

Even if they do understand, it still lacks flair. It doesn’t engage attention, much less inspire action.

A tough nut to crack

Here’s the thing: in order to sell something, you need to understand it. In manufacturing copywriting, writers are often working with complicated material. The job of the writer is to take a topic that outwardly seems dense or dull, and make it sparkly. 

Product buyers are people first. They’re forever looking for original, engaging copy that intrigues both their imaginations

Effective copy relies on a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing industry, how it works, the unique challenges it faces and the ever-shifting trends within it.

Our copywriting agency specialises in exactly that. Our manufacturing copywriters aren’t only well-versed in the world in which your business operates in, but they stay up to date on the external forces around it.

Structured copy that sells

A skilled copywriter in the manufacturing industry has one role. To attract and retain a reader’s attention and persuade them to take an action.

It requires a perfect blend between technical understanding and creative capability for the intended audience.

Our industry specialists have the technical know-how and the creative flair to do so with style, substance, and efficiency.

As an agency, we’ve worked with all sorts of manufacturing companies, from major players to rising stars. Our team of dedicated account managers, SEO professionals and manufacturing copywriters weave together their experience and understanding in order to create seamless content strategies and exceptional copy.

From landing pages which convert, to whitepapers that educate, to blogs that engage and inspire, our team work together to create content your buyers actually want to read. To set things in motion, get in touch today.