Complex technical language

Copywriting in the legal industry is now a necessity.

Potential clients expect more and more from legal professionals and their content marketing, demanding instant access to expertise more than ever before.

Complex topics, language and industry jargon (‘legalese’) alienate potential audiences, turning warm leads cold in a heartbeat.

What’s the answer? A little help from a specialist legal copywriting service. 

Simple, effective copy

The beauty of our approach to legal copywriting is that it’s simple yet super effective.

What was it Einstein said? Ah yes. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough.”

We understand the legal industry is exceptionally complicated, heavily regulated and that things like international procurement law and contract law, by their very nature, aren’t simple.

Our legal copywriters understand the power of and the psychology behind using plain English to ensure you become the go-to accessible expert.

Leave it to us, and we’ll create content that attracts, engages, and converts those prospects into paying, retainer clients.

Easy process

Whether you’re a Legal Firm, or a marketing agency representing one, simply send us a brief, and we’ll write, edit and return it to you within seven working days (sooner if required).

With a team of legal copywriters clued into a variety of complex topics, we’ll create accessible and engaging content that your clients can trust.