Less ‘legalese’, please – legal copywriting for real people 

Having a strong copywriting resource in the legal industry is now a necessity.

Potential clients expect more from legal professionals and their content marketing, demanding access to expertise, extensive libraries of content and instant answers to their burning questions. 

Complex topics, language and industry jargon (‘legalese’) alienate potential audiences, turning warm leads cold in a heartbeat. The best legal copywriters take complex concepts and make them easy to digest on a busy screen.

What’s the answer? A turnkey legal copywriting service

Simple, effective copy

We understand the legal industry is complicated, heavily regulated and that the law, by its very nature, isn’t simple.

Our copywriting is simple, yet effective.  

Our legal copywriters understand the power of using plain English to ensure you become the go-to accessible expert.

Leave it to us, and we’ll create content that attracts, engages, and converts those prospects into paying, retainer clients.

We won’t just create copy that’s straightforward and understandable – we’ll make it genuinely interesting, allowing you to engage your readers and sparkle when pitted against competing firms.

Creative copy that’s always compliant

The legal industry is highly regulated, and law firms have a responsibility to remain on top of their compliance game. When the mark is missed, the consequences can be devastating.

That puts a lot of pressure on the shoulders of a legal copywriter. That’s why our own team of writers has been built from the best in the business.

Our legal copywriters know the legal sector inside and out. With in-depth experience and expertise in the complexities of this industry, we remain familiar with the regulations so that our copy is always compliant. We also make sure to stay on top of the industry’s trends, challenges and changes so there are no unpleasant surprises. 

As a proud band of word nerds, nothing makes us happier than taking a dense, complex topic, digesting the material, and using it to build something innovative. We replace complexity with creativity without ever bending the rules.

The increasing digital expectations of clients

Digital transformation is coming for all of us. The legal industry isn’t getting out unscathed.

A growing proportion of our lives are intertwined with digital these days, and our interaction with essential services is no exception. We shop online, we book appointments online, we pay our bills online. Clients expect to be able to engage with lawyers in the same way, with digital self-service, 24/7.

More and more clients are expecting you to deliver your services digitally. In one survey, a third of respondents who’d used a legal service said that it was important that legal providers offered an online service that could be tracked.

Stand out on the search engines

With clients engaging with legal services online, it’s no surprise that they’re shopping around for them there, too.  So it’s critical that you’re ranking highly for all of your key services and industries. 

Our legal copywriting packages are perfectly balanced with expert SEO services. From audits, technical services to boost the performance of your site, and strategic campaigns to help you climb search rankings, we’ll make sure your copy isn’t just digestible but discoverable. 

An easy and efficient process

We offer a wide range of services for the legal industry. From a comprehensive suite of SEO services to copywriting packages for websites, blogs, whitepapers and more, we act as a one-stop-shop for your legal content marketing needs.

We work on ad-hoc projects too, tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of your business. Recent legal copywriting work has included merging the in-house styles of major law firms as well as copy optimisation.

With a team of legal copywriters clued into a variety of complex topics, we’ll create accessible and engaging content that your clients can trust.

To get things started, book a call with our Director, Heather, to discuss your firm’s needs and how we can help.