Healthcare copywriting services that are all compassion, no complexity

It’s been a turbulent few years for the healthcare sector, to say the least.

As the world grows ever more digital, and as external forces make it harder for patients to readily access healthcare facilities in person, more users are turning to the online world for answers and support.

They need the right information. This is where healthcare copywriting comes in.

A complicated copywriting environment

Copywriting in the healthcare industry is layered with complexity.

Restrictive regulatory requirements and strict healthcare ethics can make it difficult to get the right message across – let alone one that engages or educates with any creativity or pizzazz.

Your readers want better. They’re sick of boring, corporate or confusing copy. 

Our experienced team of healthcare copywriters will create copy that resonates. All you need to do is ask.

A shift toward digital

The healthcare industry is hurtling towards a digital future. The pandemic has only served to speed up the process.

Now more than ever, patients expect digital engagement from providers. In fact, a report found that telehealth engagement is now 11x higher than it was pre-pandemic.

A digital presence is a growing expectation from providers, so the need for healthcare copywriting is rising at a rapid rate. Meanwhile, those in healthcare marketing face mounting pressures. The stakes are high, so getting the right message across is critical.

Creating clarity and compassion

Healthcare copywriting walks a tightrope between clarity and compassion. A successful message incorporates both without compromising one for the other.

Healthcare topics can often be dense and complex, packed with confusing jargon and terminology. The responsibility of the healthcare copywriter is to digest this material and translate it into copy that is straightforward, simple, and accessible.

Healthcare copywriters also have a responsibility to convey their message accurately and empathetically.

Many readers could be consuming their content in order to understand symptoms or a medical diagnosis that they or a loved one has received. Healthcare copywriters must build a rapport with their readers by writing with sensitivity and solidarity.

Aligning clarity and compassion in healthcare copywriting builds trust and instils confidence in your authority as an expert. But it’s easier said than done.

Strict regulations and a question of ethics

Health and healthcare are sensitive subjects. Deeply personal and often out of our control, the message that healthcare providers can convey is often highly regulated.

Healthcare copywriters don’t just have a responsibility to convey a clear and compassionate message, but a factual one. The content that can be created is subject to strict scrutiny and regulation. And when things go wrong, there can be trouble. You have a reputation to uphold, and stakeholders to impress.

Our healthcare copywriters are no strangers to working within regulated industries. Familiar with the complex world in which you operate, we’ll craft messages that tick all the boxes and get all of the facts right.

Our copywriting services – and our SEO services – are overseen by a dedicated account manager, who will get to know you, and the industry you work in, inside and out. With a comprehensive process for research, writing and editing, you can be assured that our copy is fully compliant.

We’ve got you covered

Whatever your wordsmithing requirements (from totally technical to perfectly patient-facing), our team of healthcare copywriters will deliver your clear, authoritative message with compassionate professionalism.

If you’re on a mission to create better copy, kick things off by getting in touch