3 Reasons Why You Need a Legal Copywriter

Copywriting / 28 Apr 2022

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Between taking instructions from clients and juggling paperwork, how much time do you have left for generating new business? Not much? No surprises there.

But does this really matter? 

After all, you get new work from recommendations, referrals and past clients with new legal problems. But is this a steady stream of new work? Is this enough for you to grow your business? Is this enough to really build your name as an authority in your niche?

If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, then it’s time to consider using a legal copywriter. 

While recommendations, referrals and past clients are still major ways to pull in new business, the digital world is disrupting this traditional take on lead generation. Searching online is now the fourth most popular way people choose their legal services provider. 

A copywriting service with specialist expertise in the legal industry can make sure you capitalise on this lucrative stream of new business. This is about more than putting words on a webpage for you. 

A legal copywriting service can help you: 

  • Strategise long and short-term marketing goals
  • Stay up to date with current algorithms and search engine trends
  • Create purposeful content that will generate high-quality leads 
  • Elevate your voice so that your ideal clients understand your value  

All of this means more leads and more business – your legal marketing team will be relieved, to say the least. 

So let’s break it down some more. What are the three biggest benefits a legal copywriter will deliver to your digital doorstep?

1. Legal marketing that better connects with your leads

Law is so technical that it might as well be classed as a different language. 

To be sure that your ideal clients understand that language, you need a legal copywriter who can convey your message in a way that is simple, relatable and easy to digest. Data shows that complex language simply doesn’t cut it for lead generation in the legal services industry.

Any legal copywriter worth their salt will use their expertise of the law to craft clear, engaging content that connects with your ideal clients. At the end of the day, this means less stress for your legal marketing team and a wider net cast for your clientele.

2. Greater digital visibility so more leads can find you 

The first and most obvious benefit of having a dedicated copywriting service for your law firm is premium content that sings your praises and makes it easy for clients to see why they should choose you over the next guy.

Equally important however, is the knowledge of search engine optimisation. 

By investing in a legal copywriter, you’re also investing in SEO copywriting services which give your law firm invaluable visibility across Google and other search engines. And in this day and age, that is vital. But don’t just take our word for it. According to a study by Databox, more than 70% of marketers see SEO as more valuable than pay per click marketing campaigns. 

To reap all the benefits of SEO, you need a copywriting service that will work hand in hand with your legal marketing team to ensure that your firm shines. 

3. More for your money

You have the money, but with so many ways to spend it, how can you be sure that you are using your budget in the most efficient way possible? 

Once upon a time, the most obvious choice would’ve been to pour all of your budget into ads. But today, when most people, on average, are exposed to around 10,000 ads every day, your target audience is overwhelmed by ad marketing. 

Traditional ads alone simply aren’t enough. 

If long-term brand awareness, organic enquiries and high-value clients are what you’re after, then you need a legal copywriting service that can showcase your strengths to targeted individuals, who are actually interested in you. It’s all about quality over quantity.

A legal copywriter is equipped to jump through the ever-changing hoops of SEO guidelines and Google algorithm updates while creating content that converts and strategising with your legal marketing team. 

Ready to invest in a legal copywriting service? 

You have the knowledge and valuable services to offer, all you need is a legal copywriter to convey it for you. 

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of having a legal copywriting service at your disposal – think, targeted growth, inbound leads and infinitely better brand recognition – we’re here to help. Book a discovery call with us today.