3 Common Content Marketing Mistakes Manufacturers Make

Copywriting / 23 Mar 2022

3 Common Content Marketing Mistakes Manufacturers Make. Copywriting service. Copywriting agency. SEO copywriting service. Manufacturing copywriter. Manufacturing marketing. Beesting Digital

Want to get stuck into a serious content strategy, but still coming up against other board members saying, “yeah, but how many sales will it bring in?”

You’re not alone. The Content Marketing Institute found that more than half of marketing managers and directors were still trying to overcome traditional marketing and sales mindsets within their business. Manufacturing marketing is no different. 

To build as strong a business case for content marketing as possible, you need to make sure it’s watertight. This article will outline the three most common mistakes manufacturers make, so you can avoid them in your content marketing. 

1. Not building a strategy

To get other board members on your side when it comes to content marketing, you need to build their trust. Building out a strategy that doesn’t just focus on creating content, but using it to add value to other parts of the business is a great way to warm other more sceptical directors up to the benefits of content marketing. 

When building out your content marketing strategy, make sure you focus on these key areas to ensure it’s as bulletproof as possible.

Work with other departments

Talk to other departments to see how content could help them. For example, chat to the sales director and ask if their team needs any content to help them move sales conversations on. By integrating these ideas into your strategy, you can show the value it can add to other departments and start to get buy-in from these directors.

Prioritise accordingly

Don’t take on too many challenges at once. If you’re running a multinational marketing team, it’s likely that there will be lots of business objectives that content could help you to reach. Write these down, see which are quick wins and longer-term projects and prioritise them based on your capacity and business objectives. 

Use content strategically

Start by using content as a tactic. Proving the value of content to board members (and maybe even your own team) will take time. Start out small by integrating pieces of content into campaigns. Then, as your team becomes more confident and the ROI becomes clearer, you can start integrating more and more into your marketing. 


Anticipate and address any potential blockers. This will help you make sure nothing gets in the way of your content strategy’s success. Worried about how long stakeholders will take to sign off content? Tee them up in advance. Don’t have enough content writing capacity in your team? Hire a copywriting service. Predicting and solving these problems before they arrive will minimise headaches and maximise benefits. 

2. Accessing content expertise

From videographers to illustrators to copywriters. It’s unlikely you’re going to have all the content skills you need in-house. This means getting a third party involved, so, to find the right manufacturing marketing partner, whether it’s for SEO copywriting services or paid media, consider these questions: 

  • Do they have experience working with a business similar to yours? 
  • What have been the results from their previous campaigns or projects? 
  • Do they understand your business or have technical expertise in house? 

3. Struggling to track ROI

Tracking the ROI of your content will help you show how your efforts directly impact conversions and sales. To make this as easy as possible for you, invest in analytics tools or customer relationship management (CRM) software that can track and analyse customers’ interactions with your content. 

As well as thinking about ROI at every stage of the content creation process, make sure your team has the training they need to use these tools and the insights they provide effectively. That way they can gain a thorough understanding of how content works, what its benefits are and be able to sell it to other team members. 

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